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secret tips

Our best tips to enjoying Munich like a local!

alte utting.jpg

Alte utting

Welcome aboard Alte Utting, Munich's floating wonderland—a bar that's boat-tifully perched on a bridge, offering killer drinks, epic views, and a vibe that'll rock your socks off while keeping you high and dry.

Bahnwärter thiel

Known by the locals as "Bahni" - At the weekend Bahnwärter Thiel offers flee markets where you can buy vintage things from locals. During the night time Bahni turns into a great techno club.

museuminsel strand.jpeg

museuminsel strand

A unique urban oasis on the river, with a sandy beach, sun loungers, refreshing drinks, and a relaxed atmosphere. This is a perfect escape from the city.

Yokocho Karaoke bar 

Haven’t screamed your lung out in while? Come here to belt out your favorite tunes in private karaoke rooms, accompanied by great drinks. Great for a group.



Need a break from Bavarian food? This Thai restaurant has aromatic dishes and warm hospitality in a vibrant and fun setting. 

Zephyr bar

A sophisticated and stylish cocktail bar that entices the senses with expertly crafted drinks, elegant ambiance, and impeccable service, Go here for a memorable night out.

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