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Boilerman bar

A cozy bar down the street from our hotel, known for their inventive cocktails. Have a look for some tasty drinks and good vibes! 

Cafe Kosmos

If being cool and hip speaks to you, Cafe Kosmos is your thing. Funky bar with great music and living room-style seating. Grab a German Wurst next door at Bufet if you get hungry.

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Dizzy daisy bar.jpg

dizzy daisy weinbar

For the casual wine lover, check out Dizzy Daisy Wein Bar. A scandinavian-inspired place to chill and chat with an impressive wine menu and small bites. 

Fox bar 

A team favorite, this is always a safe choice for a fun night out. Right in the bustling university district, Fox offers fun cocktails and friendly bartenders. A local favorite among Munich students. 

Fox bar photo.jpg
dont call mama.webp

dont call mama

A vibrant bar-turned nightclub that offers a thrilling blend of live music, DJ sets, and a lively atmosphere for an unforgettable night.

alter simpl

A traditional German bar with unforgettable Bavarian specialties. Order a Franziskaner Keller Bier and bring a deck of cards along with you if you are feeling playful. 

lost weekend.jpg

Lost weekend

Lost weekend offers a wide array of events like live music, slam poetry and open mic! A great place to let loose and show off your creative side, if you are feeling brave. (Good vegan options available here). 


If you are looking to impress a date or just to enjoy cocktails that are truly works of art, head to this bar just a few minutes away from us.

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